Where Is Lara Croft Fortnite & How to Find?

lara croft fortnite

Fortnite is the most played game in the world. And now, for a limited time only–Lara Croft has joined your team as a playable skin! Season 6 gives you new reasons to explore various locations across the map, but Croft Manor is where It all begins. Become Lara’s hero and embark on this harrowing adventure with over 700 million satisfied players!

Fortnite offers unparalleled gameplay paired with years of content updates for every player type so you can loot massive treasures and have intense shootouts without having to worry about being bored again any time soon.

Lara Croft is seeking a cuddle partner. You can find her at an ancient, decrepit, abandoned stone jungle themed area (read: after hours rave) for shoot-em-ups in Fortnite Season 6. Tell her what you want and she’ll do it – in exchange for Gold Bars, of course. She’s got guns to spare and will hang out with you just about any place on the map as long as that quiet space has some cover from enemy snipers.

How to Find Lara Croft in Fortnite Season 6

lara croft fortnite

Explore a secret, hidden tomb—can you find the entrance? You’ll need to put your explorer’s hat on for this adventure with Lara Croft. While exploring the ruins at Stealthy Stronghold, she discovered some mysterious new details about the ancient temple nearby. Find out what secrets lie within!

Now you can find them where they belong. You should be able to easily locate any and all NPCs for the most accurate gameplay experience yet!

Master the challenges with Lara Croft, Tomb Raider! You might have noticed her patrols around town… if you’re feeling daring, take on one of her quests and she will give you formidable rewards. For a good price, she’ll sell the items she knows best- Bandages for 10 Gold Bars each. Know what’s around the corner? Treasure Chests? Head over to talk with Lara when you feel confident about facing unknown dangers. With Intel from Lara, players can find chests without even looking – that is not a bad deal!

As one of the most skilled treasure hunters to ever live, Lara Croft is a guardian against those who would use her knowledge for evil purposes. Possessed with a fierce grit and an impressive arsenal of weapons to match, she’s always ready for battle! If you’re looking for something that’ll help you take down your enemies, look no further than this daring adventurer.

Lara Croft is the most recognizable female video game character of all time, so it’s no surprise that she joins Fortnite as a Lara Croft skin in celebration of her 25th year anniversary. The world-famous hero always manages to save the day with style and precision once again, donning two styles: one for her 25th Anniversary occasion and another modeled on what many know from Tomb Raider. Her bright red hair and signature gray T-shirt are an outfit not everyone would wear outside of battle!