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Where are all the Bridges in Fortnite?

Fortnite’s exceptionally close to the end of Season 2, yet some players still need to go through the earlier challenges. That’s because locating some of these locations from the challenges is hard for newbies or beginners. One of the troublesome tasks is tracking down all the bridges during flying choppa challenge.

This challenge is a part of week 8 ‘s protocol and is pretty tricky for some. It’s painful but not impossible. That’s because we’re here to help you with this guide on where all the bridges in Fortnite are. Just go through these locations and mark them. After that, all you need is a choppa.

Fortnite Bridges Locations

bridges in fortnite

The colorful bridges crucial for Fortnite’s Week 8 Skye’s Adventure challenges can be hard to find. We’ve narrowed down your research to the maximum by simplifying, giving you the right location. So, head over to these areas on the map and track down these locations as soon as possible.

Blue Steel Bridge Location

The blue steel bridge in Fortnite is very close to the eastern section of Pleasant Park near E2.

Purple Steel Bridge Location

This specific bridge can get located in grid square C6. Also, another tip to track this is its nearness to the north of Slurpy Swamp.

Red Steel Bridge Location

The red steel bridge can get tracked around the southern side of Pleasant Park near grid square D3.

Is it essential to locate all the steel bridges in Fortnite?

Yes, keeping track of all these bridges is extremely important to solve these challenges. It’s the first step to reach the end goal of Week 8’s Skye challenges.

Flying up the choppa is the tricky part. Hence, its easier to cross off all the bridges first and foremost. Battle Royale players will get prompted to fly a choppa underneath these three steel bridges e.g., purple, red, and blue. Here’s an interesting fact: Apart from the purple, blue and red ones, there are multiple bridges on the map as well. The catch is that these other bridges aren’t relevant to the challenge you’re currently ticking off.

Consequently, there’s no need to focus on them. Here’s a tip. Try to hold on to the choppa for a long time after getting over week eight challenges. That’s because this choppa might help you out during the next challenges.


Locate these bridges on the map as soon as you can. The quicker you are, the earlier you’ll progress to the latent skins and challenges. We hope that this article might help you locate all the essential colorful steel bridges in Fortnite.

The wait is over, now its time to end the week eight Skye challenges. Follow this guide, and unlock the “Ghost or Shadow” version of Skye’s skin. All you have to do is track these locations with our help and fly the choppas under them.

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