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Introduction Osmo

Osmo’s full name is Joakim Osmo, and he lives in Norway and plays for the European region. He used to play many games before joining Fortnite, but now he mainly focuses on Fortnite. He is a twitch streamer and youtube. He mainly streams his gameplays and highlights regularly, but he is not that much active on youtube. His youtube subscribers are 30.8k. But he mostly streams and streaming also improve his gameplay.

Team and success

At first, he was part of the team Barrage esports in 2018. He left this team. He joined the team’s ‘secret,’ after that. He joined the team’ misfits.’ He is also famous for collaborating with other secret team members.

He played 14 tournaments and earned a large amount of money from these tournaments. He won $19200.00 prize money by securing 2nd position in Fortnite champion series. He is not part of any team he is streaming but planning to enter in competitive game soon.

Osmo Mouse Settings

DPI: 800

X-Axis Sensitivity: 8.0%

Y-Axis Sensitivity: 8.0%

Hz: 500

Targeting Sensitivity: 60.0%

Scope Sensitivity: 60.0%

Osmo Key Bindings

Wall: Mouse 5

Floor: E

Stairs: Mouse 4

Roof: L-Ctrl

Trap: T

Use: F

Crouch: L-Ctrl

Inventory: Tab

Map: M

Reload / Rotate: R

Building Edit: G

Sprint By Default: On

Osmo Other

HUD Scale: 1.00

Brightness: 0.50

Color Blind Mode: On

NVIDIA Settings: Default

Osmo Fortnite Video Settings


Setup of Osmo

He is mostly earning money by streaming, so his setup is according to gameplay needs. His setup includes monitor AOC G2460PF which is different from the monitor used by others. He uses display settings 1920*1080 resolution, full-screen window mode, and unlimited frame rate Mouse he uses is AIR58 CBB EDITION with mouse sensitivity during game x.y is 8.0% with DPI 800. Next is the mouse pad in his setup.

The mouse pad he uses is Glorious XL, which gives the mouse excellent speed and control with its smooth surface. Logitech G Pro is the mechanical keyboard used by him, and the player customizes the key bindings of the game according to the gaming needs. Headset is the most critical part in streaming, so he uses CORSAIR VOID PRO which is a pro headset for gamers.


He earned much from streaming this game, so the beginner –layers who want to earn like him by streaming Fortnite gameplays they follow his settings and setup.

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