Fortnite Scan a Server at a Surface Hub Challenge – How to Complete?

Scan a Server at a Surface Hub

Let’s get on with this challenge then so we need to scan a server at a surface hub there are quite a few of these you all three locations that you aware of and the various hubs within them.

1. Scan a Server at a Surface Hub Location 1

The first one you want to come to is the colosseum so of course, the colosseum is over on the eastern side of the map you want to go to the southern end of it and inside the arena go through door number one then when you buy these little prison cells you want to go through door number two and then go down the staircase and this starts to take you down if you will like a secret bunker you want to go to the water the central pillar and inside of this room we actually have two of them so this should be interesting to see whether these are destructible or not in the game you can currently break them.

2. Scan a Server at a Surface Hub Location 2

The next one is going to be over at hunter’s haven the south of the central point of the map just by the zero point which the zero point we have to jump into at least once this week as part of our Enter the Zero Point challenge. We are no at hunter’s haven you’re looking at the zero point you want to go all the way to the southwest so it’s none of these major buildings it’s actually the smaller one just go inside of here you go down the staircase and again another secret base as you would expect and then you go up the staircase straight opposite you once you’re on the balcony you take a sharp left and there you go you’ve got another server.

3. Scan a Server at a Surface Hub Location 3

The final one is all the way over in the jungle the stealthy stronghold go to the north with the stealthy stronghold you already be aware that there are another one of these secret bases beneath the central ruins in this area. You come to the central point of this place and then the server is to memory it was downstairs and in a room wasn’t it was in this room there’s two of them.