Fortnite Enter the Zero Point: How to Complete the Challenge?

Today we will show you how to complete the challenge of entering the zero point now it’s a very easy challenge to do however if you are out of the loop on what’s going on with this challenge the zero point is this massive circle at the center of the map if you’ve played 49 at all in the last two and a half months you would have seen you would be aware of what it is you just might not have known that it’s called the zero point.

For this challenge all you have to do is literally just glide you don’t even have to glide into it you could build up and go into it but at some point in the match, you just have to enter the zero point just like that so when you enter it once the challenges are out you’ll see in the top left you will complete this challenge and then the zero point will spit you out. You can continue on with your match of Fortnite there’s nothing bad that’ll happen it’s not going to kill you or anything pretty sure it even gives you shields.

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