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About Issa

His real name is Issa Rahim, and he was born in Switzerland. He is one of the youngest Fortnite professional players. He is a twitch star with 210000 followings. He posted his video on twitch in 2018 and became famous because he streams gameplays and approaches and procedures of playing Fortnights.


Besides being the youngest player, he has exceptional talent in playing games and taking games as a profession he jo9oined team ghost gaming and represents his team in every tournament.

General Settings (Legacy)

Build Mode Sens: 2.1x

Edit Mode Sens.: 2.1x

Input Curve: Linear

Confirm Edit on Release: On

Look H. Speed: 55%

Look V. Speed: 55%

Turn H. Boost: 0%

Turn V. Boost: 0%

ADS Look H. Speed: 8%

ADS Look V. Speed: 8%

ADS Turn H. Boost: 0%

ADS Turn V. Boost: 0%

Turn Boost Time: 0

ADS Turn Boost Time: 0.00

Instant Boost: Off

Dampening Time: 0.00

Edit Hold Time: 0.100

Deadzone: 8% / 5%

Aim Assist Strength: 100%

Sprint By Default: On

Controller Binds (Combat)

L2: Aim Down Sights

L1: Previous Weapon

R2: Attack / Confirm

R1: Next Weapon

D-Pad Up: Inventory

D-Pad Left: Map

D-Pad Right: Place Marker

D-Pad Down: Emote Picker

Triangle: Switch Mode

Square: Reload / Interact

L3: Toggle Pickaxe

Cross: Jump

Circle: Edit

R3: Crouch / Repair

Touch Pad: Unbound

Options Button: Game Menu

Controller Binds (Build)

L2: Stair Piece

L1: Roof Piece

R2: Wall Piece

R1: Floor Piece

D-Pad Up: Inventory

D-Pad Left: Change Mats / Trap

D-Pad Right: Unbound

D-Pad Down: Unbound

Triangle: Switch Mode

Square: Trap / Interact

L3: Toggle Pickaxe

Cross: Jump

Circle: Edit

R3: Crouch

Touch Pad: Map

Options Button: Game Menu

Controller Binds (Edit)

L2: Reset

L1: Unbound

R2: Select

R1: Unbound

D-Pad Up: Inventory

D-Pad Left: Unbound

D-Pad Right: Crouch

D-Pad Down: Emote / Replay

Circle: Confirm

Triangle: Unbound

L3: Toggle Pickaxe

Cross: Jump

Square: Unbound

R3: Reset

Touch Pad: Map

Options Button: Game Menu


HUD Scale: 0.60

Brightness: 0.30

Color Blind Mode: Off

NVIDIA Settings: Default

Video Settings



Issa is the player who is playing games on playstation4 with controller and competes players using mouse and keyboard for games. His settings and key bindings are on the PlayStation 4 controller. His settings and setup are different as compared to other players on gaming PC because he has an extraordinary talent of competing gaming pc players with his playstation4.


As his setup is different from others, so not many devices are included in his installation. The first one is a monitor, which is a must-have for gaming purposes. The monitor used by him is Asus ROG Swift PG258Q, a monitor with eye care technology with full viewing angle and HD display. The second gear is the controller, which is a must-have for playstaion4 players.

The controller used by him is Dual Shock 4, which is wireless and specially designed for playstation4, which is chargeable and has sharing buttons on fingertips. And the last one in his gear is a headset with a built-in microphone.  This ASTRO A40 TR is especially gaming headset, which gives professional audio quality with a more fabulous fit and finishes.


He was famous for his game streams, so the streamers of gameplays who are beginners can follow his setup and settings to be like him with effort and concentration.