Fortnite Pro Settings and Gear List of Players

When it comes to popular competitive multiplayer games like Fortnite, the focus on performance is pretty important. Hence, you must be familiar with Fortnite’s pro settings. Your performance in any game is entirely dependent upon the choices you make in terms of settings. Even though Fortnite is an incredibly optimized game, players must alter a few settings to gain more performance benefits in the long run. In this multiplayer game, you can make changes based on your preferences and prioritize your visual or graphical quality. So, if you want to find out about the recommended Fortnite Pro Settings and how you can opt them, continue reading!


There’s quite a possibility that newbies won’t be familiar with any of the categories on the settings page. If that’s the case and you’re unsure, you can turn up each of the settings to either the max or lowest settings. Now, head back and check how each setting impacted your game performance and make final changes accordingly.


Moreover, it would be hilarious to consider that every player’s hardware setup would be similar. In that case, remember that there are some categories like Motion Blur and Shadows, etc., that should be disabled under any circumstances. Whether your computer is beefier or your setup is optimal, these settings can have a similar adverse impact upon every player’s game performance. Check out the recommended Fortnite Pro settings given below if you wish to achieve the best possible balance of visuals and optimal performance.

Recommended Fortnite Pro Settings

Window Mode: This game mode provides an opportunity to interact with other windows. Therefore, you can even minimize the game and check something else simultaneously. Consequently, this mode makes things much more manageable. Furthermore, this setting might not be much useful on the dual-screen set-up. So make sure you remember this before making any changes.


The effects during the game are a pretty great thing that can spice things up; for example, the water effect at certain levels creates an extremely exciting superfluous scenario that’s appealing to most players. On the other hand, this fun aspect of your game settings can harm your game performance if you don’t own a powerful graphic card. So make sure that you tone down the texture and effects following the recommended Fortnite pro settings.


Display Resolution

Whether it’s a youtube video or a game, your resolution directly impacts the performance. So, the lower your resolution would be, the better your game will be able to perform. So if your device supports the minimum resolution of 1080p, then that’s the ideal setting.

Post Processing

Unlike other major settings, post-processing is just an optional setting that can negatively affect your computer. Hence, turn it down or altogether disable it. The only thing post-processing does is that it improves quality and makes things more bearable for your eyes.


According to Fortnite’s pro settings turning this off ensures that you have a higher frame rate and input response. Furthermore, turning this on can lead to a performance hit on your machine.

Frame Rate Limit

The frame rate limit you’ve set for a game is pretty essential. Fortnite pro settings suggest that players should keep this particular setting on 60 FPS. Anything else between the FPS rate limit of 60FPS to 120 FPS can cap the game’s performance for the worse. So if you want to avoid any off-putting performance at any point, you know what to do.


This is the one setting on the list that can be left untouched. Players can manually tinker with all the graphic settings instead of pushing a single button for a quick reformation shift.

View Distance

The higher the dial of this setting is, the more stuff you’ll see in a game. Even though turning the view is distant can drastically improve your performance advantage (especially if you own a slower device), it’s better to set this as high as possible. Consequently, you can see more and play even better!


Turning down this setting might be the biggest favor towards your device, especially if you own a slow graphics card. Shadows only offer visual benefit and improve depth perception, which can be very taxing.


This game setting is responsible for reducing the jagged edges in a game and making visuals smoother. Players are recommended to either reduce the settings or completely turn it off to make their game run smoother.


The higher the texture levels in your settings are, the more lively and more detailed the objects on your screen may appear. The volume of this specific setting depends on the type of set-up you own. You can either put it on medium tone or lower it down completely. Moreover, if you own a better set up and a powerful graphic card, putting the texture on full blast will have zero impact on your game.

How Can I Change Settings In Fortnite?

Now that you’re familiar with the significant Fortnite pro settings, it is now the time to finally get things done. You can change the settings in your Fortnite settings page on your own. It doesn’t matter; whether you own a PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, the process is relatively similar and straightforward. So, let’s get started!

For Pc

Launch Fortnite on your PC and then head over to the lobby. If you’re wondering what the “lobby‘ is, it’s that screen where players choose the type of match they intend on playing. Now, tap on the sandwich icon present at the upper right corner of your screen, which will launch the extra settings for you. You can now check out each category and alter things according to the recommended pro settings given above.

For PS4 and Xbox One

Launch Fortnite in your device and head over to the lobby. Now, click on the Options / Menu button, and a variety of settings will appear right in front of you. Here you must select the yellow Cog button, and you’ll directly jump on to the Settings page. Check out each category and make the recommended changes on your own!


Recent releases and competitive leagues have proven that the Fortnite craze won’t die down pretty soon. So, why not use this time for the better and improve your game for the better. These pro settings will improve your game performance but don’t rely entirely upon them. In addition to the performance gains, controller sensitivity also dramatically impacts your game performance. Additional settings can depend upon each players’ condition so you can alter them after going through your conditions. We hope that this article helped you in altering your Fortnite settings. So, quit waiting and switch to Fortnite pro settings if you want to make some quick V Bucks!