Wild Card Fortnite Skin

Wild-Card Fortnite Skin

Fortskins.org skin wild card is an exciting male legendary outfit. It was launched during the high stakes event at the time of gate away LTM. It is a bad version of the popular skin The reaper skin in the battle pass. The most surprising part of this outfit is that you can change the mask according to your own choices, such as display hearts, clubs, spades or diamonds. It is a male outfit.

The skin doesn’t have much but with what it has it seems like a villainous skin and it looks quite mysterious. The official description of this skin is “Pick a card, my card”. The rarity of the skin is legendary and the source of this skin is Item Shop. As the whole theme is mystery that’s why the character of this skin is Unknown.

Fortnite Wild Card Skin Details

Name Wild Card
Release Date 09/06/2018
Last Seen 03/19/2019
Days Ago 384
Rarity Legendary
Type Outfit
Cost 2,000 V-Bucks
Availability Shop
Categories Male, Styles
From Fortnite Skins


You can Buy it from Cash Shop with 2000 V-Bucks. The design of this skin makes it so interesting, the skin features a male avatar that has all white tuxedo shirt that is matched with black tie. The main feature of the design is the white mask that covers the face of the skin and the red diamond that ads the card theme in the skin. When you get the skin you can choose between four styles of the mask and they are diamond, Spades, Hearts and club.


When it comes to getting skins you will have to know about the source of the skin. Fornite is a fun platform and it makes everything interesting which includes buying skins. You will have to work for everything and that includes getting the skin you want. There are two sources of the skins one id Item Shop and the other is Battle Pass. If you are an old user on Fortnite then you probably already know this and you can skip to the last paragraph that has the title of Getting Wild Card.

Item Shop

This is one of the common sources of skins and this one requires a bit patience at your end. The Item Shop has a skin rotation which means that not all the skins are always available and they get a shuffle so every skin has the chance to be on the Item Shop. The smart way to approach this dilemma  is to be grateful with what you have on the Item Shop and purchase it when you have the chance because if you snooze you lose, that means that you might not have those as they will be taken down sooner or later.

Battle Pass

When this is the source of your skin this means that you will need to purchase the battle pass of the Particular season mentioned in the description of the skin and after you have purchased the battle pass you will need to pass a certain level to unlock the skin.

How to get it?

This is a epic skin & it’s available for purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop. As I mentioned earlier the source of this skin is Item shop which means you might have to wait a bit to get your hands on this skin. The first time it was seen on the Item Shop was September 2018 and it was last seen on the Item Shop on March 2019.

The total number of times it was seen was 8 times. You might be able to get it soon as it hasn’t been in the shop rotation in a while. This skin will cost you 2,000 V-bucks just so you can save up whenever you feel like buying this skin.  

Wild Card Gameplay


This skin also belongs in a set like most skins do but not all. The set that is skin is a part of is called the Gateway Gang Set. There are 6 cosmetic items in this set including the skin so let’s look into the other cosmetic items:

Wild-Card Fortnite Skin Wild Card Crowbar Crowbar Safecracker Safecracker
Swag Bag Swag Bag Ace The Ace Cuff Case Cuff Case