Where to Find Fortnite Season 5 Bosses?

Mandalorian is the new boss in season 5, as he is the only character in the game who drops some mythic items when eliminated from the game. He arrived on the island with the help of Agent Jonesy. Unlike the former bosses, it is easy to kill the Mandalorian if all players fight with him systematically. You need to burst him down with sprays.

Where to Find the Mandalorian in Fortnite?

You can find Mandalorian roaming in the locality of the Razor Crest Site. It can be found near the southern side of the Colossal Coliseum point of interest. The Mandalorian has no henchmen around him to safeguard himself. He often uses the tactic of the jet pack to gain height and thus shooting the player. He has 200 power and 500 shields, which is lesser than the previous bosses. The player can thus easily spray him down.

Where to Find the Mandalorian Mythic Weapons?

The Mandalorian drops two mythical weapons, which include the Amban Sniper Rifle and the Mandalorian jetpack. The Sniper Rifle has a thermal scope over it, which makes it a perfect choice. It allows the player to see through the build and therefore predicts the movement of the enemy. In case of an ambush, the special melee function attached to this rifle gun enables the player to melee attack nearby enemies.

The Mandalorian jetpack has unlimited fuel. This jet pack enables the player to aim down sights while the player is in the air. This allows the player to have the advantage of height and thus can sniper his enemies.

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