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Where is Grumpy Greens in the Fortnite?

Fortnite season 2 week 4 TNTina’s Trail challenges include visits to various landmarks. Visiting landmarks scattered all across the map is a popular Fortnite tradition. Also, it might take up a bit of time if you’re relatively new to Battle Royale.

One of these newly introduced challenges includes visiting Grumpy Greens. Finally, tracking down Grumpy Greens would be a sight for sour eyes, but you need to know its exact location before that. So, settle down and take a breather because that’s precisely why we’re here to guide you. Now, with our help, you can track down Grumpy Greens in Fortnite as soon as possible. Take a look;

Grumpy Greens in Fortnite

Grumpy Greens is a famous landmark called grumpy because it appears to be identical to a grumpy face. Visiting Grumpy Greens landmark in Fortnite is an excellent opportunity to gain 40,000 XP. Furthermore, this 40,000 XP can aid in gaining new rewards during Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 battle pass.

Grumpy Greens Location

Grumpy Greens is probably the hardest landmark to locate in this challenge. Other landmarks are relatively straightforward, so here you might struggle a bit. Grumpy Greens is near the E3 section on the map. First and foremost, you’ll need to have access to a map to track down where Grumpy Greens can get located. Another clear hint is that Grumpy Greens is reasonably near to the western side of Pleasant Park right before the river.

Moreover, the landmark is present halfway between the town and the river. Once you’ve reached the correct location, you’ll notice the foliages appear to look like a grumpy face and features dropped brows. This signal is the signal you needed; you’ve reached the specific landmark.

How to complete the Grumpy Greens challenge?

Once you’ve located Grumpy Greens in Fortnite, there’s still much more to do. The next step is to complete the challenge, and that will get done once you land on the location. The angry face near the Grumpy Greens hedges is where you’d have to land. The player can also land near the hedges if they want.

Also, there are two other landmarks like Grumpy Greens, which are necessarily required to be visited. These two other landmarks include; Fortnite Mowdown in F2 and Fortnite Risky Reels near the E3/E4 border.

So, newbies quit waiting because its time to increase your battle pass progress. Visit all the landmarks and gain XP. Consequently, you can also unlock various customization items. Why are you still waiting? Track down Grumpy Greens in Fortnite and complete the challenge! We hope this article might help you in locating these landmarks.

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