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Where is Greasy Graves in the Fortnite?

Fortnite’s final week of challenges has finally approached. So, everything’s almost coming to an end. Yet, 18 challenges are still left to get completed to gain Midas’ loyalty in Shadow Vs. Ghost challenges.

One of these challenges will require you to visit Greasy Graves alongside two other landmarks. How will you track down Greasy Graves in Fortnite? That’s the million dollars question! The answer is, we’ll help you through it all. Follow our simple guide and find out where’s Grease Graves in Fortnite.

What are Greasy Graves?

Newbies! Here’s what’s the real deal. The Greasy Graves is the resting place of Fortnite’s infamous Durr Burger and Tomatohead. It’s a pretty small landmark that entered Fortnite’s landscape back in Chapter 2, Season 1. Right beside Greasy Graves’ location, there’s a campfire that’s utilized by players for healing purposes.

Greasy Graves Location

Greasy graves is a pretty small and obscure landmark on Fortnite’s map. Players might not have visited it before this challenge. Greasy Graves is at the north-western edge of the Weeping Woods near C5. Furthermore, an additional hint will make things more comfortable for newbies.

Move over to the southern edge of the infamous Holly Hedges and then head east. Consequently, you’ll be able to locate the mascots filling in the mud. If you’re moving towards Greasy Graves from The Agency, it’s much easier to take a boat.

How to complete the challenge

Unlike other challenges, all the locations in this one need to get visited during a single match. Hence, it’s even harder. Battle Royale players can use a choppa to speed up the process and visit all landmarks at once. Once you have tracked down Greasy Graves’s location in Fortnite, you’ll need to head over and land on the location.

You’ll spot the decaying mascot signs of Durrr Burger and Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit. Visit all the coordinates in E4 and C5, and soon you’ll be done with this part of Shadow Vs. Ghost challenges.

We hope that this article helped locate Greasy Graves in Fortnite. Want to get done with the final challenges as soon as possible? , follow along with our simple steps, and find Greasy Graves.

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