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Where is Coral Cove in the Fortnite?

As a part of Fortnite’s Meowscles’ Mischief Challenges, players will compete for 40000 XP. Gaining 40000XP in a single match is appealing and challenging. In this challenge, Fortnite players would visit Coral Cove, Stack Shack, and Crash Site in a single match. Let’s simplify your task by giving away Coral Cove’s precise location. Get a map and follow our coordinates to find out where’s Coral Cove in Fortnite.

Coral Cove

This landmark, as the name signifies, features an extremely coral vibe. Coral Cove in Fortnite is an island paradise that has giant shells. Players will acknowledge its chill beach vibe once they come across this landmark in Meowscles’ Mischief Week 5 Challenges.

Coral Cove Location

The Coral Cove is near the beach of Sweaty Sands, nearby the northwestern corner. Once you find out where Sweaty Sands is, finding Coral Cove becomes simpler. After tracing Sweaty Sands, players will head over to the cliffs nearby around the west. You’ll come across Fort Crumpet, a ruined fort present in the northern section. Move over to the opposite island, and soon you’ll be facing your final destination, Coral Cove.

How to visit Coral Cove and two other landmarks in a single match

The completion of this Meowscles’ Mischief Challenge, requires players to visit all three landmarks in a single match. Otherwise, this challenge would be incomplete. Visiting all three landmarks is tough as they don’t appear named on the map like other locations, but our hints can make your job much more comfortable. Try to get hold over a Choppa (aka helicopter). This action will save up time and allow players to visit locations one after another. Players can also opt for Team Rumble, but utilizing a Choppa can save up much time.


After exhilarating minutes of locating and reaching Coral Cove, your efforts won’t go to waste. Once you’re able to complete this challenge within a single match, the prize to avail is 40000XP. Also, you’ll get access to infamous battle pass skins, and you can progress even further.


This opportunity is a progress opportunity not to miss. So, quit waiting and follow this simple step by step guide. Locate Coral Cove and gain 40000XP right away!

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