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Where are the Vaults in Fortnite?

Fortnite vaults are a reasonably new yet exciting edition in the gameplay. As the name indicates, these vaults are bound to be full of appealing stuff, such as loots, that players can benefit from right away. On the other hand, getting access to these vaults is way more complicated as appealing as this sounds.

Not only do you have to fight minibosses to enter, locating Fortnite vaults is troublesome as well. Now, we know that you’re not going to want to spend hours and hours locating each vault. Hence, we’ve narrowed down your search by providing you the location of each vault from Fortnite season 2. Take a look!

Where Are The Vaults In Fortnite

There are around 5 Fortnite vaults that can provide you with the sweet loot you’ve always dreamt about as a player. This loot includes; rare, valuable gold weapons and XP points. So, if you’re able to trace each Fortnite vault, there’s a lot you can achieve in terms of progression. Here are the exact locations of each of the five Fortnite Vaults.

Midas’ vault

Divert your attention to the central section of the map near the “Agency.” After entering the space from the Agency’s southern side, you’ll head right into the significant hallway. Now, get down from the stairway because the vault door is right in front of you.

TNTina’s vault

Get a map and look out for the ” R ” in the Rig of your map. This area is exactly where your attention should be. This vault is Rig in the southeast section of the map, so head over to that area. Furthermore, its on the southwestern side of the infamous Slurpy Swamp you might’ve seen before.

Brutus’ Vault

First and foremost, the players will head over to the Grove. This vault is exceptionally close to the southern side of Dirty Docks in the east of the map. Furthermore, players can choose from a variety of cave entrances e.g., holes in the skull cliff, east side cave entrances.

Skye’s Vault

Skye’s vault is close to the shark carved base. Now, head over to the lowest level of this base through the shark cave mouth. Close to the end of the hallway is your final destination. This vault is in the North-western section of the map,

Meowscles’ vault

This vault is probably the most uncomplicated vault to locate. It is in a yacht present at the North-Eastern corner of Fortnite’s map. It’s pretty easy to locate and will only take up a few seconds to find.

How Can You Open Fortnite Vaults

It’s impossible to take the easy way out when it comes to Fortnite Vaults. Fortnite players cannot break into each vault from the outside. Each of the five vaults is supposed to be guarded by a Miniboss and requires a key to enter. The keycard in question is under the ownership of each vault’s Miniboss. So, only after killing the Miniboss and stealing his keycard, you can enter the vaults. Players can also steal the mythic weapon owned by each Miniboss before entering the vault.


Compared to the other four vaults, Meowscles’vault is the easiest to locate. So, it’s better to head over to Meowscles’ Vault before the other vaults. We hope that this article helped you find out each Fortnite Vault’s location. Find them out before any of your peers!

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