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Where are all The Shadow Safe Houses?

Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2’s challenges have been pretty hectic for most players. Looking up, Shadow Safe Houses is a tricky task that requires time and attention. On the other hand, most players want to get done with challenges as soon as possible.

If you’re one of those players who can’t wait to find out where all the Shadow Safe houses are in Fortnite, we’re here to enlighten you. Here’s a brief guide on where you can locate all the Shadow Safe Houses in Fortnite. Take a look!

What are Shadow Safe Houses in Fortnite?

As the name indicates, these landmarks belong to the Shadow organization. Some of these buildings are underground. As a result, they might require access to special entrances to reach them. Shady bot-powered henchmen usually guard Shadow safe houses.

There are around 5 Shadow Safe Houses in Fornite. Also, these Shadow Safe Houses are pretty scattered around the map at various locations far from each other. Players need to make sure that they have access to plenty of gear. The reason behind this proposition is that there’s a lot of loot in this specific area. Winning the match doesn’t seem that difficult now.

Shadow safe houses Locations in Fortnite

shadow safe houses locations

Frenzy Farm Shadow Safe House location

Find out about the petrol station closest to the eastern edge of Frenzy Farm’s central area. Now, enter the small brick building built right next to the petrol station. Entering the toilet inside the brick building will transport you to the Frenzy Farm Shadow Safe House.

Fortnite Sweaty Sands Shadow Safe House location

There’s no need to seek a secret passageway for this Shadow Safe House. All you have to do is locate a building in the south of Sweaty Sands. There’s also a small dirt trail near that building. Just enter the building, and you’ll find yourself inside the Sweaty Sands Shadow Safe House.

Pleasant Park Shadow Safe House location

Head over to the eastern edge of Pleasant park, and once you’ve reached there, you’ll have to locate a building. The building should be the closest building to the road leading out of Pleasant Park. At the backside of this building, you’ll notice a portable toilet near a dumpster. Once you enter the toilet, you’ll find yourself inside the Pleasant Park Shadow Safe House.

Misty Meadows Shadow Safe House

Firstly, land on the more massive island on Lazy Lake. Next, you’ll locate the house on the island and smash through the upper floor to enter. That’s all you had to do to enter the Misty Meadows Shadow Safe House.

Craggy Cliffs Shadow Safe House location

Start moving towards Craggy Cliffs’ east, and you’ll come across a hilltop. There’s also a building on top of this hill that also contains a dumpster. Jumping inside this dumpster will take you directly to the Craggy Cliffs Shadow Safe House.

Shadow Safe House Challenge: Reward

Locating all these landmarks can be hectic, but on the other, the reward is pretty appealing as well. Completing the Shadow Safe House challenges will reward you with 40000XP. This XP can come handy while unlocking the new Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 battle pass skins.


While entering these Shadow Safe Houses, steer clear of all Henchmen. These henchmen will specifically target players while guarding safe houses and can impact your performance in the match. That’s all you needed to know. Now head over to these designated Shadow Safe Houses to ensure your future progression in Fortnite!

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