Valheim How To Plant Seeds?

The planting guide in valheim today basically we’re jumping right into it and first things already have our tool we need to basically be able to make or guess plant things in the ground which is our cultivator but we show you real quick on how to make it.

Make Valheim Cultivator

You need is five core wood and five bronze so you need a smelter and a forge which is right so we’re select our forge and we go ahead and create our cultivator which is all you really need is a level one four jars is level three, not a huge deal there we’re quickly run over to our little pasture and that pasture but the little garden we made over a few things got a few seeds got pinecone fur cone carrot seed beach seeds so what you can plant in the game.

Plant Valheim carrots

Right now is just carrots which are going to be very helpful in terms of stamina and then you’re going to be able to plant trees so if you want to like make some trees in your base over there and make it really easy to cut them down and whatnot just to make it so you don’t have to go outside your base it just makes life easy and it puts the seeds to use that way you’re not you know hoarding a bunch of space in the chest because it’s going to be a problem the farther you progress in the game.

The cultivar works just like the hammer so we got some grass went ahead and already did some testing but we got our fence so what you’re going to do is right-click it and you are going to cultivate so we do that again you can choose to put grass back down on the ground which is pretty cool.

We got our carrot seed and our different types of trees which can be found in multiple different biomes so right now we’re on cultivate we’re go ahead and use our stamina just like we would with the hoe when you’re leveling out ground and we are cultivating the ground so once that’s all done the way you you’ll want it you know to make it look all purpley you’re click on whatever you want to plant so we’re click on these carrot seeds which have a decent amount of them and these beech seeds especially which you just find in trees when you cut them.

We’re go ahead and plant these on the ground just like so see pretty simple stuff will say just so you guys know even though it’s a carrot seed and you’re like oh how do you get rid of it it can get a damage so if you plant something you don’t want it there you can actually destroy it see it’s no longer there so it’s pretty important to put this in a spot preferably next to your base so it doesn’t get destroyed we’re get our cultivator back out we’re start planting some beach saplings we got tons of them go ahead just like this pat some pine saplings which you get all these from the trees or just off of mobs when you kill them and lastly we’re going to pass a plant can’t talk these first saplings so in about three to four days this is going to all mature and grow to full size.


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