Valheim Deathsquito: How to kill deathsquitos in Valheim Guide?

How to fight Valheim deathsquito so there’s a bunch of different ways you can fight these:

1. Dodge

The first one is how to dodge them so if you just run away most of the time they won’t actually be able to spite you when they catch up to you finally so if you just don’t want to get hit that’s the goal if you are using a bow it’s really easy because you can just shoot them when they come at you so the way the Valheim deathsquito work is that one they fly around you for around five to ten seconds and then afterward they come in a straight line at you and when they come in a straight line at you they just touch you and they’ll do damage that gives you

2. Jump Over

Another way you can avoid it you can jump over their heads actually if you do it right once they’re too close jump over this head hopefully you run away and they’ll slowly get to ground level and then once they’re at ground level you turn around and you can just jump right over him which then allows you to try to hit him with a melee weapon during that kind of time kind of weird to do that though if you’re using a bow though it’s really easy you just charge your bow when they come at you and just shoot them in the face use wafer to come at you and then you know right when it’s around the time they’re going to come at you you just start charging an arrow and shoot them in the face now if you have a shield things get really easy because you can just block them.

3. Blocking

Just block it and try to absorb the damage but if you don’t have armor he’ll still do a tremendous amount of damage so blocking’s not always the best blocking is only good if you have good blocking and or have good armor so he doesn’t hit through it because we have 36 blocks with this but hits for like 70 with no armor so the block can work if you’re geared if you’re not geared blocking’s probably a bad idea you can’t parry though pretty sure we actually haven’t practiced pairing in this game yet but we think pairing would make you take no damage.

When they come at you you just try to swing right in their face and just hit him right in the face the other way you can try to do it is when you run away they’ll slowly catch you and then right when they catch you they’ll sting but they won’t hit you if you’re running away the whole time and if you’re really fast on reacting the second they stop moving you can quickly turn around and stab right after they miss and that’s another way that you can try to hit them but with all those tips hopefully that valheim deathsquito won’t be as scary anymore.

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