Valheim Black Metal: How to Get Black Metal? Guide

How to craft black metal items which are unlocked after killing the motor.

Killing the Motor

First to craft these items you must have unlocked the blast furnace and spinning wheel by crafting an artisan Valheim workbench after killing the motor the blast furnace is required to smelt the Valheim black metal and the spinning wheel is used to turn flax into linen once you have these stations created you can move on to gathering the materials which are quite a bit easier.

Plains Biome

Black metal and linen are only found in the Valheim plains biome which is home to massive camps filled with goblins the hardest enemies you’ve faced by far up until this point in the game acquiring black metal is straightforward find some goblins whether it be those within a camp or some lone wanderers out by themselves and kill them they will drop one black metal ore.

Break Down Goblins Camp

Each on average acquiring absolute nightmare right now as it would seem flax is only obtainable through farming plots set up deep in the middle of the goblin camps break down one of these camps solo and while it does seem possible it would require probably around 400 to 500 high-quality arrows to do so so after much trial and concluded the easiest way to acquire flax is to pop your blessing make sure you have stamp pots ready and just run in and seal it.

Goblins will chase you very far and you may encounter death skeetos another type of hard-hitting enemy from the planes on your way back to your ship regardless of which strategy you use or if you’re playing solo or in a group remembers that the flax can be teleported while the black metal cannot once back at your base place the black metal into your blast furnace along with coal to produce bars and place your flax into your spinning wheel to create linen once both items are acquired you will unlock a new tier of weapons and armor which require a level 4 forge to craft.

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