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Merry Fortnite Skin skin The merry marauder is the male version that represents sing a slaying song tonight. He is the male version of the two gingerbread. He has a very sad nature as compared to its female version. The design of its outfit is elegant that shows that they came out rare to the big fortnite popularity explosion. You can purchase this skin for 1500 V bucks.

This skin is one angry looking fellow, it has the festive theme but he also has the anger to fight anything that comes it ways. The motto of this skin is “Sing a Slaying Song Tonight”. The rarity is epic and the source of this skin is Item Shop. When it comes to the character of this skin it is Unknown.

Fortnite Merry Skin Details

Skin Name Merry
Release Date 12/14/2017
Last Seen 12/27/2019
Days Ago 101
Rarity Epic
Type Outfit
Cost 1,500 V-Bucks
Availability Item Shop
Categories Christmas, Holidays, Male, Styles

Merry Marauder

Let’s talk a bit about the design of this skin, as you can see from the above image this skin is inspired by the gingerbread man and he is one angry gingerbread man. The character behind this skin Is Unknown.

How to Get Merry Marauder Skin?

If you want to get your hand on the Merry Marauder you have come to the right place as I’ll tell you all about it and answer the question of whether you can get your hands on it or not?

This Skin was in the shop rotation in December 2018 and this means that as this is a Christmas themed skin therefore you can will be able to get this in the Christmas time. You should save 1,500 V-bucks as this skin will cost that much when you head over the Item Shop to buy it. So keep that mind so you have enough V-Bucks to buy it and all the waiting and patience doesn’t go to waste.

Merry Gameplay


This skin belong to this set. So let’s get into the items of this set.

Ginger-Gunner Ginger Gunner Merry Merry

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