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Love Ranger Fortnite Skin skin Love ranger skin is all about love. It is one of the exciting and romantic skins of all time that shows love. It came specially with Valentine’s day and it shows the romantic status of the Cupid. You can see this skin all around the year especially when it describes Aims for the heart. This legendary male outfit can be purchased from the shop for 2000 bucks.

This is the skin that is inspired by cupid and it is called Love Ranger. The official description of this skin is “Aim for the heart”. The rarity of the skin is legendary, the source of the skin is Item Shop and the Character of the skin is Jonesy.

Fortnite Love Ranger Skin Details

Skin Name Love Ranger
Release Date 02/13/2018
Last Seen 02/14/2020
Days Ago 52
Rarity Legendary
Type Outfit
Cost 2,000 V-Bucks
Availability Shop
Categories Holidays, Male, Valentine’s Day
From Fortnite Skins


You can Buy it from Cash Shop with 2000 V-Bucks. The skin features a cupid angle that features a concrete top and wings are paired with pink pats that make the skin stand out. The skin has fierce eyes that are completely white and texture is added to the skin on its upper part and its wings. 


There are two sources when it comes to purchasing skins on Fortnite, one is Item Shop and the other is Battle Pass. If you are familiar with the sources you can move on to the last paragraph titled Getting Love Ranger, if you aren’t familiar with it you will need to stick around so you can know all about it.

Item Shop

When it comes to the skins that have the Item Shop source it means that you will need the skin to get available on the Item Shop for you to purchase it. As the Item Shop has a random shop rotation for all the skins and it means that all the skins get switched with other skins from time to time. This means that you won’t have much time as you will have to make a quick decision as you might miss out on a good opportunity.

Battle Pass

This is the other popular source of skins on Fortnite. When it comes to this source you will need to buy a Battle Pass for a certain season for the particular season. There are different types of skins with this source some get unlocked as soon as you purchase the Battle Pass and some get unlocked after you have reached a certain level/tier. You will know when they will get unlocked in their description.

How to get it?

This is a legendary skin & it’s available for purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop. The source of the Love Ranger is Item Shop which means that you might have to wait for it to become available. The V-Bucks required to buy this skin is 2,000 V-bucks so you should save them up if you want to buy it when it finally becomes available.

The first time it was seen on the Item Shop was February 2018 and the last time it was seen was November 2018 and the total number of times it was seen was 16 times. You might come across it sooner than later as it hasn’t been seen for a while now. 

Love Ranger Gameplay


This skin belongs to a set as usually all skins do on Fornite. The set that this skin belongs to is called the Royale Hearts Set. This set has 10 cosmetic items including the Love Ranger skin. Rest of the cosmetic items are mentioned below:

Cuddle-Cruiser Cuddle Cruiser Cuddle-Paw Cuddle Paw Cuddle Bow Cuddle Bow
Cuddle Team Leader Cuddle Team Leader Love-Wings Love Wings True Love
Bear Force One Bear Force One Tat Axe Tat Axe Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss

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