Fortnite Settings

Jasonr Fortnite Settings



jasonR Mouse Settings

DPI: 400

X-Axis Sensitivity: 7.9%

Y-Axis Sensitivity: 5.9%

Hz: 1000

Targeting Sensitivity: 90.5%

Scope Sensitivity: 95.0%

jasonR Key Bindings

Wall: V

Floor: X

Stairs: C

Roof: Q

Trap: T

Switch Quickbar: Not Bound

Building Edit: G

Inventory: Tab

jasonR Fortnite Video Settings


Introduction to Fortnite

Later when Benjy turned 13, fortnite was released. At the start he did not find it special but later when he heard the buzz of fortnite among his friends, he returned to the game to become the best among his friend. He started playing competitively to take his skill level to a next level. He joined a gaming team and got picked up by a gaming organization called clairvoyance.

Winter Royale Finals

He managed to get a 116th place in Winter Royale Finals. He was barred for playing in the finals because he was only 16 years old.

Beginning of streaming career

His exuberant attitude and his exceptional gameplay allowed him to quickly grow a fan base in fortnite community. Later Benjy met Mr. Savage on an online Fortnite game and Mr. Savage suggested him to start streaming.

Joining NRG e-Sports and playing Fortnite World cup

Benjy was picked up by NRG Esports and started preparing for the World Cup. Benji double qualified for the world cup in both duos and solo category. He and Mr. Savage finished 14th for duos and he got 25th position for solos. Right now Benjyfishy is considered as one of the best fortnite player due to his mechanics and instant decision making abilities. He is usually in a league of his own.

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