Harvest Fruits And Vegetables in Fortnite

In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to complete the challenge of harvest fruits and vegetables Fortnite. This challenge sounds pretty simple.

However, it’s not going to include getting the fruit or vegetables from these fruit boxes for example the ones you can find in hunters haven so a lot of people are probably going to be getting confused when they open those fruit boxes and find that the challenge hasn’t worked where you can come and set it for this challenge is going to be the orchard.

There on the map now you have to harvest eight fruits and vegetables and there are plenty of fruits invented around at the orchard you can come over here to the cabinets and then harvest them you’re gonna have to press gather so whatever the keybind is for you for gathering you just pick them up and as you can see there we’ve got eight cabbages or alternatively you could come to this area.

The apples are which might take a little bit longer but so you can just roam around here until you’ve picked up eight apples and that will also complete the challenge.

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