Fortnite Gold Bars Locations & How to Get Gold Bars?

Fortnite enthusiasts would be well familiar with the recent additions made in season 5. At the top of the list of these additions, you’ll be able to spot gold bars.

The words Gold Bars surely might’ve grabbed your attention but the fear of confusion and trying something new can surely complicate Battle Royale for you. This new currency will now allow players to perform some really cool stuff during any of the matches.

Furthermore, you can gain these bars without spending any real-world money. Now that we’ve successfully directed your direction to this in-game currency, we’ll answer all your queries as well.

So, like other players, if you wish to know everything about Fortnite’s Gold Bars, we’re here to help. This brief guide includes every little detail on how to gain Gold Bars and what to do once you have them. So, let’s have a look;

Fortnite Gold Bars

The addition of Fortnite Gold Bars in Battle Royale has successfully subverted this popular game for the better. As stated by most popular gamers, this new currency can drastically change the Battle Royale’s mechanics.

Hence, for those unfamiliar, Gold bars are an in-game currency. Players can use this currency for various purposes, such as purchasing or upgrading weapons, hiring NPCs around the map, etc.

So, in short, a collection of Gold bars assures that you’ll top all rounds. It’s fair to admit that you’ll slowly begin to get addicted to these gold bars because they’re totally worth going through the hassle. The real question here is how you can gain and spend these Gold bars to your advantage.

How To Get Fortnite Gold Bars?

There are multiple ways to gain Fortnite Gold Bars, so you can try each of them while proceeding in the game.

Get Rid of your Opponents

The very first way to gain these bars is by getting rid of your opponents. Once defeated, your opponents will surely drop their gold bars for you to collect on your way out. Here you’ve got to be quick, or some other player might collect them before you.

Checking Nearby Chests and Safes

Furthermore, an easier method of collecting Fortnite’s Gold bars is by checking nearby chests and safes hidden inside important buildings. Try to be wary of any dangerous surprises awaiting you while roaming around looking for this in-game currency.

Now, let’s cut to the chase by introducing you to the main gold bar collection methods, such as:

Completing quests and Fortnite Bounties

The Fortnite bounties and Fortnite quests in question would be for various NPC characters you’ll come across while playing. Completing a bounty earns you around 70 gold bars, but you should complete it in under 5 minutes.

So, if you think you’ve got good hunting skills up your sleeves, you can accept the bounty. After accepting an NPC’s bounty, your job is to target a random player to eliminate them. Furthermore, if you fail at completing the bounty on time, the gold bars will land in the target’s pockets. Lastly, you can take part in various rewards promising simpler challenges like; foraging food items, collecting weapons and gear.

How To Use Fortnite Gold Bars?

If you are finally on this stage, then the hardest part is officially off the table. Now’s the time to reap the fruit you worked so hard for in the previous section.

So, after collecting a multitude of Fortnite Gold Bars, you can spend them anywhere you desire. You can check the tally of those bars either in the bottom right corner near mats or after pulling up the map screen. It’s better not to spend the bars as soon as you gain them, so take your time by investing them at the right occasion.

To make things much more comprehensive, you must visit the previously mentioned characters again to spend those bars. All you’ve got to do is interact with the characters and then scroll through each character’s spending options.

For instance, some of these characters allow; selling an in-demand weapon, allow item upgrades in the inventory. Interestingly enough, the options also include hiring characters as recruits so you could order them to attack your opponents or follow you around landmarks. Lastly, remember that your main goal is to gain the highest achievements during Victory Royale, so better save up those Gold bars for the right moment.


The most amazing thing about these recently added Gold Bars is now everyone has an equal chance of winning. That’s because these special bars can only land in your account via in-game efforts instead of using real-world money to make purchases.

Now, anyone can test their strategies while completing bounties and short quests. On this note, we hope that this guide to Fortnite’s gold bars will provide you plenty of awareness regarding season 5’s most interesting alternations. So, pick up the pace and collect as many Gold bars as you can from eliminated players and nearby safes.

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