25 Fortnite Creative Maps & Codes

Fortnite’s Battle Royale is an exciting approach to gaming, and it’s way ahead of other games in the market. Moreover, Battle Royale has a massive following of its own ever since it got launched by Epic Games, but players should be experimenting with something new every once in a while.

You guessed it correctly; we’re referring to Fortnite’s creative mode. There’s a wide range of Fortnite’s creative maps featuring various innovative ideas. These maps have taken influences from famous film installments, mythologies, and other popular games.

So if you’re one of those people that need a break from Battle Royale, you can check out these 25 Best Fortnite Creative Maps and explore the rest of the game. The maps mentioned below also include their creator codes so that you won’t have to look for them separately. Let us have a look at all these top 25 Fortnite Creative Maps and take full advantage of the creative mode.

Here is the list of 25 Best Fortnite Creative Maps

1. Lordly Labyrinth

For those who adore an all fashioned deathmatch, Lordly Labyrinth is the ideal map. The layout and execution in this Fortnite Creative Map are incredibly versatile and ideal for all sorts of players, whether they’re old players or newbies.

As the name indicates, this map involves a colossal maze that requires each player’s utmost attention. Otherwise, you might not be able to make your way to the end.

This well-crafted maze also has difficult yet innovative hurdles one must pass through to ace the round. Lastly, you can use Lordly Labyrinth for hide-and-seek matches. This map also comes in the top 10 Fortnite locations for an old-fashioned deathmatch.

Entry Code: 1991-9282-9857

2. Rollercoaster Escape

Parkour and Escape Room fans, it’s your time to shine because Rollercoaster Escape is a fantastic mixture of both. This pattern of escape rooms in this Fortnite creative map creates the vibe of an actual roller coaster ride as the escape rooms are across the sky.

As a player, your primary objective is to progress through these puzzles one by one until you reach the end. The escape rooms in this map aren’t identical to other escape rooms. That’s because the escape rooms in this map aren’t entirely dependent upon inducing claustrophobic patterns in its players, it has much more to offer.

Consequently, you’ll be able to experiment with your mental abilities while tackling hurdles at several points. So if you succeed and make it to the end of this creative map, you’ve proven yourself as the ultimate survivor.

Entry Code: 1036-8889-6703

3. ATV Race

Who doesn’t love playing a good old racing game every once in a while? Well, it’s time to get a step ahead from usual car racing track games and explore a new dimension through this ATV Race map. This map is a creatively designed race-track that has multiple lanes. You must be questioning the reason behind the presence of multiple lanes. These multiple lanes are ideal for those who would simply love playing on this map with their friends.

Moreover, these multiple lanes are crucial for time trials. The lanes and tracks aren’t as simple as you might think. This map’s creator has used various Fortnite inventories at multiple points that you might notice if you have a sharp eye.

Furthermore, the traps and hurdles encountered on the way will make it a fun experience to remember. Once you land on the map, the Golf Buggies are ready to blast you around on a chaotic and fun ride. So hop and grab the wheel, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Entry Code: 1330-3984-1519

4. Working Phone

The working phone is a map that’s entirely different from all the maps mentioned in this list. We stand by this statement because this map seems extraordinarily odd and features influences from Minecraft Redstone.

The map resembles a working phone that can get utilized to browse things and interact with others. This map might not be too appealing for most Fortnite enthusiasts, but curiosity will force each player to try it at least once.

Entry Code: 2977-8511-9806

5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gunfight Map

This map is the Fortnite and Call of duty crossover you shouldn’t miss on any condition. Call of duty is one of the most famous names in the gaming world for a while, and this creative map replicates its unique aspects and themes.

Like Modern Warfare, this Fortnite map resembles a 2V2 Gunfight map showing its developers’ concise and skillful approach. Furthermore, in this Fortnite creative map, players take part in matches in a set of Duos. The game modes are pretty exciting and worth a shot!

Entry Code: 2204-8734

6. Island Royale

If you love Battle Royale but want to try something different that’s identical to the former concept, then Island Royale might help you. The Island Royale creative map is pretty different from the standard map, and it’s also much smaller.

Furthermore, the matches in Island Royale are much more short-lived and easy going. Lastly, this creative map is also a hub of various locations such as a barn, cemetery, and construction yard.

Entry Code: 7756-2671-2928

7. Rainbow Road

Let’s cut to the chase and call this map a replica of Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road. The roads in this creative map are full of hurdles and unfriendly turns. To make things even more complicated, players compete with Golf Buggies and face traps that mimic the Thwomps. So, if you love Nintendo’s Mario Kart and Fortnite simultaneously, this is the perfect opportunity to cherish it!

Entry Code: 2668-3299-3251

8. Super Smash Bros

Like other Creative maps on this list, this Fortnite map is also a popular game recreation. That famous game in question is  Super Smash Bros. The sole credit for the creation of this 1V1 fighting game map goes to its creators. Moreover, in terms of gameplay Super Smash Bros isn’t a replica of the original game, but it’s still fun regardless. It’s a fun recreation meant to bring nostalgic childhood memories, so give it a shot, and maybe you’ll like it!

Entry Code: 9784-9942-55-46

9. Zone Wars

Considering Zone Wars’ popularity or fame, Fortnite’s creative mode offers you various Zone Wars maps. The game initially has lots of difficulties that are pretty hard to barge in, but this map can act as a great practice zone for you.

So, you can test out the game’s more lenient mechanics instead of hopping onto the harder ones all at once. This map is Fortnite’s very own twist on Zone Wars, but they differ quite a lot in terms of their backdrops. Zone Wars map’s setting will be around the too nostalgic Tilted Towers. So, test out this creative map on your own and let us know what you think!

Entry Code: 4340-8128-8554

10. Prison Break

A brief synopsis suggests that this specific Fortnite map is a colossal maze consisting of interlocking rooms. The map setting is around a huge castle where players must initiate extensive Prison Breaking tactics to be free of this labyrinth.

Each player will start the game inside a prison, situated near the base. Furthermore, players can also invite friends and escape prison to reach the outside world.

Some of the hurdles in your way include; brutal guards and complicated puzzles. Before the Prison Break map, there was nothing of this sort on Fortnite’s platform, so we suggest trying it at least once.

Entry Code: 0893-8977-9494

11. Chateau Guillard

The Fortnite Chateau Gulliard map is a perfect rendition of the original one from Overwatch. It’s fair to say that the creator has used all the Fortnite resources for the perfect extent. The rules and regulations of this map are similar to Overwatch’s Chateau Guillard. Lastly, all players must take a skin which is similar to Overwatch’s vast array of characters.

Entry Code: 9547-8714-0946

12. Minecraft Survival

Minecraft was pretty popular during the early 2000s, but lately, it’s risen back to its fame. Minecraft Survival offers a Fortnite twist to the traditional gameplay and combines both popular games into one.

This Minecraft Survival map is exceptionally tricky and hard to escape. Furthermore, the map features abandoned mine shafts caves that can block your way and cause confusion. As a player, your primary mission is the collection of every Ender Eyes and to reach the end.

Entry Code: 9244-2094-0658

13. Counter-Strike Dust 2

If you find Counter-Strike 2 a bit too off and way past your league, then this creative Fortnite map might be “IT” for you. Counter-Strike Dust 2 is one of the many Fortnite recreations done by creators.

This specific map allows you to play on CS’s most iconic areas, and it also translates the game with a different set of physics. So, if you’ve been an old CS player in the past, then this Counter-Strike Dust w creative map is worth a shot!

Entry Code: 9908-4675-7557

14. The Cube V3.4

The cube map is a big complicated trap full of mazes. Solving this map and reaching the end requires a lot of patience. Using team mode in The Cube, you can take your friends on a journey through this mine full of traps and puzzles. Moreover, each time you pass a puzzle, your chances of gaining game boosters increase.

This map is an intricately designed maze that resembles an Escher painting. All you have to do is escape each trap until you reach the final door. You can reach the end of the puzzles and mazes if you don’t let frustration block your sight and imagination!

Entry Code: 7512-6248-2736

15. Downtown Dash

Downtown Dash is a Fortnite creative map that adapts the infamous Sonic’s Escape from the City level. Hence, most of the gameplay and characteristic features take influence from the former. In this creative map, each player will take part in a competitive race.

But that’s not all, because during the race players will also be at the constant risk of facing enemy fire. When it comes to the racing course, it’s full of item placements specifically designed to encourage more speed. It’s a unique idea that’s never done before in any creative Fortnite map.

Entry Code: 4340-7454-8075

16. Tiny Toys

Tiny Toys is a map that brings the Toy Story franchise to live. Tiny Toys’ creative map is every individual’s childhood dream come true as a Toy Story fan. In the map, each player’s size will get reduced to a microscopic extent. Hence, you’ll take part in your upcoming adventures with a tiny little body. This map will give you an idea about how it feels to be a toy. So, call out some friends because an adventure awaits you in this gigantic house!

Entry Code: 9673-6880-8356

17. Dunder Mifflin Prop Hunt

This map is a dream come true for all “The Office” fans out there. The map takes heavy influences from the infamous TV series and the fictional office Dunder Mifflin, Scranton, PA. This innovative map features an excellent and faithful recreation of the actual setting. Moreover, the map also has automatically enabled Prop Hunt mode to hunt and hide props with your friends.

Entry Code: 0336-5022-9558

18. Scorpion King

This Fortnite Creative map is a creation of infamous gaming YouTuber Prudiz. If you love playing the quick and straightforward run or gun style games, you’re currently on the right spot. This game’s synopsis follows some ancient mythological ideas, and there isn’t much material to follow while playing.

The map features two massive ice sculptures as the centerpieces. These ice sculptures are of the Scorpion and Ice kings. This Fortnite map is a simple yet unique idea at the hands of Prudiz when we compare it to other average Fortnite maps.

Entry Code: 4142-4175-5485

19. Cizzorz Death Run

If you’re searching for prizes in a faster run, you belong to this time trial map.  The map features an obstacle course where you can instantly test your maneuverability. Some of the hurdles that you might face in this Fortnite creative map are; Trap towers, narrow ledges, steep falls, etc. Another important thing is that the players can’t carry all the items from one level to the next. Once a player leaves the spawning areas, that’s precisely the time when The Run begins.

Entry Code: 6509-1069-6161

20. Mega Wall Wars

The concept of this map will take a while to grab, but it’s pretty impressive. The area in this creative map consists of 8 sections that have giant walls between them. Each player must scavenge items in this area under the time frame of two minutes before the walls start crumbling and damage.

Moreover, there’s no hideout in this map, so skip over the hiding strategy right now. All of the scavenged items are for fighting in the center of the map. This aspect of this map resembles Battle Royale, but we assure you it’s way more technical than that.

Entry Code: 4177-4290-4967

21. The Floor is Lava

If you have played this game as a child with your friends, you can quickly grab this map concept. It’s pretty self-explanatory, and it is set right within Fortnite’s mechanics. This standalone game requires lots and lots of practice until you master it. Furthermore, players can carry out drills under pressure until they are easily able to avoid the lava.

Entry Code: 1201 1101 4279

22. Marvel Deathrun

Fortnite is particularly known for its collaborations with the Marvel universe. The map consists of your favorite marvel movie franchise characters in a race against time. The map also includes tracks full of hurdles that players must avoid. So, keep your defensive strategies ready and choose any of your favorite Marvel characters before hopping onto this journey.

Entry Code: 5123-6445-1949

23. The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda creative map is the creator’s take on this worldwide phenomenon. In this map, each player gets an Infinity blade and various dungeon recreations that help get through to the end. Even though this map is a recreation of the original installment, it still has a lot of new stuff to offer, and it’s worth paying the attention it needs

Entry Code: 2326-3456-6999

24. Zombie Run

This a zombie-themed map. This map involves players combating vicious creatures until the end. This Fortnite creative map is also very similar to the popular zombie game Left 4 Dead. As soon as you spot a Zombie or Sentry on the scene, you must defeat it to progress further in the game.

Zombie Run is said to be one of the most popular Fortnite creative maps of recent times due to its creative outlook and the zombie-themed aspects. So, if you’re familiar with the basic Fortnite mechanics, this map is definitely worth your time.

Entry Code: 3559-1687-3172

25. Junkyard Juke

If you’re an old Prop Hunt player, you will notice the similarities it shares with Junkyard Juke. This map introduces the role of a Hider that has to select a prop. The player also has to carefully make its way into the middle of the arena and shoot down all the moving props while Hunter’s view is blocked. Furthermore, while carrying out all the suggested tasks, the players must ensure that the hunters are still inside the central tower.

Entry Code: 1113-6823-4725


How can I activate/redeem a Fortnite code?

To redeem a Fortnite code, open the Epic Games launcher. Once you’ve signed into your account, you will see your account name on the top right corner of your screen. Now tap on the down-arrow that’s next to your name. Select the option to “Redeem Code” and hit confirm after entering your code.

What’s a Fortnite Creative Code?

Fortnite Creative Codes are specifically to share your maps with other players on the platform. These codes are randomly generated after publishing a map in Fortnite and include 12 digits. You can share your map with other players through these codes.

Why isn’t my map getting approved by Fortnite?

Fortnite is a hub for millions of creators; hence the amount of submissions increases day by day. So, if your map isn’t getting improved, it might be due to excessive submissions. In other cases, the quality of images also affects the approval time. It’s better to ensure that all of your images are under 3 megabytes if you want it to get approved faster.

What are the requirements to become a map Fortator?

  1. To become a creator or ‘Fortator’ in Fortnite, you must fulfill the following requirements;
  2. Make sure that you’re creating and posting new content frequently. It’s essential to hit the 30-day regulation mark.
  3. You must have 1,000 followers on any of the following platforms; Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
  4. Creators must act upon the Creator Code of Conduct and agree with Epic’s Affiliate Agreement.

Which map is the scariest Creative map in Fortnite?

Evil Awaits 9.0 is one of the scariest horror maps in Fortnite. The synopsis of this map surrounds the infamous horror character Anabelle doll. Furthermore, the entry code for this creative map is 5706-4716-3544.

How can I have access to Fortnite creator maps?

If you’re bored with Battle Royale and want to test out all the Fortnite creator maps, look no further.  All you need is a creator code for the map of your choice, and you’d be led inside. This code is an excellent feature inducted by Fortnite because, in this way, players can play with a variety of maps instantly.


If you’re still in quarantine or under lockdown, now is the time to check out creators’ ingenuity. You can either use your ability as a Fortnite creator to set your own rules to create a unique creative map. Before taking things in your hand, why don’t you check out what Fortnite’s platform already has to offer? So, take a well-deserved break from Battle Royale, and take your time to explore the rest of the game. There’s a long list of Fortnite Top 25 creative maps waiting for you. So, use the entry codes and hop in!

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