Fortnite Butter Barn Location: Where is Butter Barn in Fortnite?

Every new season of Fortnite brings some unique challenges and many new maps. Every new season has a new map with many different locations. Many locations are the same as the previous season. Some of them are new and unique. In season 5, the Tilted tower map is back but with the new name salty tower.

Butter Barn is a landmark location on Fortnite season 5 maps. Butter Barn location is the home of NPC Mancake which provides different challenges and tasks to the player. When the player completes that task, they are rewarded with some special price.

Among different season 5 locations to land at, the Butter Barn location is one of them. Most of the players find it difficult to locate the Butter Barn location so they must open the map and locate the exact location. In the map, Butter Barn location can be found in the middle of the map. You can find the Butter Barn location at the north of the Hunter Heaven location. You will meet NPC Mancake there who will offer you some new challenges and help you to complete the challenge.

Where is Butter Barn in Fortnite?

At this location, many players get involved in the battle royale mode who also have to complete the challenge. You better not get involved in the battle and don’t hang around to pick the weapons first concentrate on the challenge and complete it. When you land at the location you must keep some distance from the exact location.

There are two trucks at the Butter Barn location one is in the drive-thru and one is standing at the front of Butter Barn. There are boats also floating alongside the stream; many players use them to travel to a different location. After completion of the challenge, the player gets a reward of XP.

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