How to Find A Family Portrait From A Shipwreck in Fortnite?

This is Fortnite week 12 Challenge is to Find Family Portrait Fortnite we need to go ahead and find some family portraits and this is actually really simple to track down. There are actually quite a few of them. But basically what you want to do is you want to come to the most Southeastern corner of the entire map.

So this is basically placed here and just southeast of catty-corner known as shipwreck Cove and basically you can see it clear as day because it’s so bright and yellow but over here, you can find the painting that you’re looking for and I think there are a couple more around here as well.

There is normally another portrait is there it is inside the porcelain bath. There you go, but there’s another portrait just inside of there as well, but younger got a pipe looking the part and that’s basically what you find it.

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