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Drift is a Legendary Fortnite Skin OR Outfit. It’s released & you will get it When you reached Tier 1 in Season 5 Battle Pass. The rarity of this skin is legendary and the source of this skin is Battle Pass. The character of this skin is Mansu. It is an interesting looking skin with 6 different styles you can check down below.

Skin Details

Availability released
Rarity legendary
Patch Added 5.0.0
Source Battle Pass
Character Mansu
From Fortnite Skins


When you reached Tier 1 in Season 5 Battle Pass. The design is quite interesting and this male skin is a cool looking avatar that wears a sleeveless shirt and it is paired with black pants. The design also composes golden outlines with the black mask that covers its face. The fun part is that it also has a couple more styles in the skin and it features a multilayered black and gold robe that emits pink light.

Source of Skin

There are two sources that skin comes from one is the Item Shop and the other is Battle Pass. If you are a newbie and don’t know how all this works all the article carefully and if you have been around long enough and know what how all it works then head over to the last part of the article labeled Getting drift.

Item Shop

If the source of the skin you want is item shop that means that you will have to keep an eye out on the item shop and purchase it when it is on the Item shop. In Fortnite, there is shop rotation that means that not all the skins are available 24/7 on the shop and they are all rotated from time to time. This means that you need to be quick on the decision of buying the skin because if you wait too much it might get off the shop and you will have to wait for it to be back on the shop. So be decisive and whenever you see the skin you want to get it before it is too late.

Battle Pass

Now battle pass source means you will have to purchase the battle pass of a season that is provided in the description of that skin and after you have reached a level that is assigned by Fortnite to the skin you will be able to unlock the skin.

How to get it?

This is a legendary skin & it’s available for purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop.



This skin belongs to this set. So let’s get into the items of this set.



Rift Edge

Rift Edge

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