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Blue Team Leader

Blue Team Leader is an Rare Fortnite Skin OR Outfit. It’s released & You have to Login from PS4. The motto of this skin is “lead your squad to victory”. So if you are looking for a skin which will help you win this one’s for you. the rarity of this skin is rare and the source of it is Promotional. The character of this skin is Ramirez.

Skin Details

Availability released
Rarity rare
Patch Added 3.3.0
Source Promotional
Character Ramirez
From Fortnite Skins

How to Reach?

You have to Login from PS4. As evident from its name the theme of this is blue and that is also featured in the design of the skin as you can see by the bright blue hat on Blue team leader’s head. It also features a white tank top with black pants and gloves.


This skin is a bit different from other skins as this is a promotional outfit and therefore it isn’t part of a set which is usually the case with other skins but not to worry this skin does come with a Blue Streak Glider for free which is amazing.


Let’s talk a bit about the sources that are used to purchase the skins that are available on Fortnite. If you are already familiar with how it works you can skip this part and go right ahead to the last title of the article named as Getting Blue team leader. For players who have no idea how the sources work on Fortnite then you need to read the following information I have given down below.

Item Shop

As you might have already guessed that how this source might work but it is a bit different compared to the other games as Fornite has a lot of skins it keeps rotating them in the shop so things can stay interesting. The Item shop has Shop rotation that means that the skins are only available for a short period of time and then they are switched with other skins.
The skins that are themed after holidays like Halloween or Christmas are a bit easier to get because you have a time frame on when will the skin will be rotated on the Item Shop. With the rest of the skins it is very random so you should get the skin that seems interesting to you which is available in the shop when you visit it.

Battle Pass

This is the other source of skins and when the source of the skin is battle pass it means that you will have to buy a Battle pass of a Season that is required by that skin and after you have either passed the level required to unlock the skin or just by purchasing the Season Battle Pass you will get the skin you want.

How to get it?

This is a rare skin & it’s available for purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop. The source of this skin is not the usual one as it is a promotional outfit and you can get this skin for free but to get your hands on this skin you will have purchase the PS plus Fortnite Battle Royale: PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack. If you don’t have a PS you can get this skin by logging in the account of PS4 through your PC and purchase the Pack to get the skin. This skin is available for all PS4 and PC users of Fortnite.


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